Rejecting unsuccessful candidates

At various stages throughout the recruitment process you will need to write to unsuccessful candidates to reject them. You should reject all but your interview shortlist as soon as you can, but you could defer rejecting your final shortlist until your preferred candidate has accepted your offer of employment. So how should you reject a […]

Making the offer and taking up references

So you have reached your decision about who to appoint. Now it is time to make them an offer, and negotiate terms and conditions. What will you do if they turn your offer down? What if another organisation makes a counter offer? If they accept, what conditions should you impose on your job offer? When […]

Post interview analysis

So the first interviews are over. Now it is time to review all the candidates that you have seen. This is a very important step and one you must take as soon after the first interviews are concluded as possible. If you have conducted several interviews over a short time period then your memory of […]

Using selection tests

In addition to the interview itself, there are a number of selection methods and tests that you can ask your shortlisted candidates to perform. Which tests work best, and which are appropriate for your vacancy? For many vacancies, the process of shortlisting candidates from an application form or CV, then conducting one or more interviews, […]

The First Week

Your new employee has accepted your offer, and agreed to your offer of employment. They have served notice with their current employer and have turned up for their first day’s work with your organisation. What preparation should you have made? How should you use your new recruit’s first days with you? What ground do you […]

The Legal Requirements

There are all sorts of legal requirements associated with employing staff nowadays. What is a ‘written statement’? When should you issue one to your new member of staff? What other legal obligations must you fulfil? What types of contract are there? What type of contract of employment is right for you? Employment contracts Whether in […]