Attracting applicants

Using Application Forms

Whether you plan to recruit online or offline, by yourself or with help from an agency, you need to consider how applicants will submit their applications. Traditionally, you would ask candidates to submit a CV with covering letter. Whilst this may still work for you, increasingly organisations are adopting dedicated application forms, which request specific […]

Advertising Positions

Whether you are recruiting internally or externally, at some stage you will need to put together an advertisement that describes the position, and invites applications. But how should you word one? What should you include? Writing a Recruitment Advertisement Anyone will tell you that the purpose of a recruitment advertisement is to attract good candidates. […]

Online Recruitment

Increasingly organisations are using the Internet as a recruitment source. There are hundreds of recruitment sites online, so where do you begin? How can you be sure that your vacancy will be seen by suitable candidates? What is online recruitment? At its most simple, online recruitment involves placing details of your job vacancies on a […]

Other External Recruitment Sources

Whether or not you use an agency in your hunt for the ideal candidate, there are a number of other external recruitment sources which may work for you and your organisation Jobcentres If you place details of your vacancy on a display card at the local job centre, it is likely to be seen by […]

Using Agencies and Headhunters

If you have exhausted the possibilities of recruiting internally, it is time to look outside the organisation. Recruitment agencies and headhunters provide a range of professional services that might suit your needs ideally. Specialist agencies Recruitment agencies are known by a number of different names, although in essence they perform the same broad functions. Many […]

Recruiting Internally

By now you should know what sort of person you are looking for. The question you need to address now is where will you find them? Before you spend money on advertising the vacancy externally, have a look around you. Your new recruit may already be working within your organisation. Transfers and promotions If your […]