Body Language

The interview is well and truly underway. Although what the candidate is saying is very important, there are other signals that he is she is giving off. What is their body language telling you? Are you listening attentively to what they are saying? Observation of both spoken and silent communication is vital during the interview. […]

Questioning Techniques

So, the candidate is taking his seat in the interview room. Their application is in front of you and the interview is about to begin. Do you feel prepared? Do you know the types of questions to ask? Would you know what to do if the conversation dries up? Question Preparation: Is this you? It […]

Starting The Interview

So, you have chosen an interview method, and have invited shortlisted candidates for interview. Your colleagues are ready, the interview room is set up, and the candidates are beginning to arrive. First impressions count for you and the interviewee, so what do you need to do to make sure the interview starts well? Greeting and […]

Preparing For Interview

So now you have identified who you plan to interview, the next question to consider is how? There are several types of interview you could conduct, involving various people in your organisation. So what interview methods are available to you, and how should you go about organising them? Types of interview There are a number […]

Interview Style

Having considered the various ways you can ask questions, it is now time to look at the different interview styles. If you have ever been interviewed yourself, you will know that they vary considerably in the way they are conducted. Some seem more like informal chats than interviews, whilst others are very formal and sombre. […]